About ItsDownToMe.com

Helping you to learn life skills through the way you think.

It has been scientifically proven that you can improve your health, career, and relationships simply by improving the way you think about yourself and the world around you. Here at ItsDownToMe.com, we aim to supply you with self-help motivational and inspirational content including courses, videos, eBooks, and articles.

We buy quality self-help courses in various niches with a special re-sell license, this then allows us to add these courses to our website for our paying members to view and study at their leisure. We aim to add a minimum of two courses each and every month to our portfolio.

All courses will be in the self-help category and will cover anything from building up your self-confidence, ways to motivate yourself, losing weight, learning new skills, meditation, healthy eating, relationships, and dating to name but a few. There is a free content area for nonpaying and paying members which includes eBooks courses and videos all in the self-help category.

We charge a modest monthly fee for our members to enjoy full access to all of our courses and eBooks. This fee goes toward future self-help courses and also complies with the terms of use for each course purchased.