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We buy quality digital products in the form of eBooks, reports, articles, and video courses in the self-help category with a special re-sellers license that enables us to offer them to our paying members.

There are three membership options, free and a monthly or yearly paid subscription.

With the free subscription, you are limited to our free content pages which contain eBooks affirmations and videos.

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Our digital products are all in the self-help niche including but not limited to:

Building Your Self Confidence, Achieving Your Goals, How To Motivate Yourself, The Power Of Discipline, Mastering Visualisation, The Power Of The Mind, Self Improvement, Learning Yoga, How To Lose Weight, Motivational And Inspirational Techniques, Dating And Relationships plus many more.

We charge a modest monthly fee for our members to enjoy full access to all of our courses and eBooks. This fee goes toward future self-help courses and also complies with the terms of use for each course purchased.

We aim to add a minimum of two new courses each and every month.

Self Help Courses

Motivational And Inspirational Online Courses For Self Improvement And Self Confidence Building And Creating A Positive Mindset

Self Help eBooks

A Collection Of Self Improvement eBooks Focusing On Life Skills And Covering Various Topics To Improve And Enhance Your Life

Self Help Videos

A Collection Of Self Help Audio Books, Motivational Speakers, And Affirmations With Subliminal Audio For Success

Our Philosophy

Motivation And Inspiration Visualisation And Manifestation

These are the only four words you’ll ever need to become successful in life love and riches. But you’ll need to master the last two and acquire the first two.

Finding the motivation and inspiration to change your life to the way you truly want it, can sometimes seem impossible. But it’s really not.

Believe it or not, it’s rather simple. 

The Internet has made it simple. On this website alone you are going to find courses, videos, eBooks, and affirmations, and recommendations which has the potential to change your life to how you would like it.

But if you search on any search engine you will find a ton of information available to you.  You need to find the right motivational information that relates to you.

This can be in the form of an online course, videos, books, and daily sayings {affirmations}. Once you have found the information you require, you then use them daily.

Get into a routine of watching or reading motivational information every day.

If it’s a video, watch it two or three times daily everyday. 

If it’s a book, read it till the end then re-read it.

If it’s an affirmation saying, repeat it to yourself daily as many times as you can. 

If it’s a course, see it through to the end then go over the course again.


Whatever your desire in life is, you have to truly want it and believe in it, be passionate about it, see it in your mind as if you already have it. And do this every day for as long as it takes to acquire it.

Pick out some of the affirmations we have available on our site and print them out and stick them around your home in places you frequent most often. And every time you see one read it out aloud and truly believe what you are saying.

Place them in your bathroom. Put them on your mirrors and your fridge. Place them inside your cupboards or lockers etc. Basically, put them where they will be seen most often.

What Is Manifestation

There are a lot of different meanings for the word manifestation. But put simply through your thoughts beliefs and feelings you can manifest your desires into physical things.

So with the help of visualization and a strong desire and belief you can turn your passions and dreams into reality. We are what we think. If you think about the debt you’re in all day, then you’ll always be in debt. 

It’s down to you to change the way you think. Don’t consume yourself with worries and bad thoughts all day. Every time a negative thought enters your mind change it to a positive thought. And remember to do this every day until it becomes second nature.

Remember if you think negatively you’ll always have negativity in your life. If you change your thought patterns to always be positive, you’ll start to see the amazing changes taking place around you every day.

Smile and be happy and grateful for the things you already have and the things you want will soon follow.